Reproduction Cycle
industrial shipping pallets, nails, screws
Largest Cone: 10' D x 20'
Arte Sella Sculpture Park
Project Site: Valle de Sella
Project City: Borgo Valsugana
Project Province: Trentino
Project Country: Italy
Project Partners: Emanuelle Montebellier, Giacomo Bianchi
Photo Credit: Cameron Hockenson

Sited along the Percorso Espositivo, Reproduction Cycle is made of shipping pallets, before assembly in the factory, and culled from wood in the same forests where they are sited. They are living trees, processed, dimensioned, reorganized, and returned as geometric abstractions of themselves. They are memories of what they were. The three largest cones have nest box cavities that can be entered revealing ocular openings at the top. Once entered, each cone becomes an inverted telescope of perspective, framing pinhole-like views of foliage details in the forest canopy.
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