Twelve Sentinels: Habitat for the Cyrtopodion kotschyi Gecko.
field stone
Project City: Lefkes
Project Prefecture: Cycladic Islands
Project Country: Greece
Photo Credit: Cameron Hockenson

This habitat for geckos is inspired by boundary cairns and walls that define farmlands on the island of Paros, Greece. This cluster of towers, however, becomes a liminal territory for other forms of life. In the Cycladic Islands, reptiles have inhabited stone walls for ages. This gecko is native to both Greece and Turkey. Its range spans much of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. While referencing ancient boundary markers, I am acknowledging them as a permeable habitat for life. Apparently, geckos don't officially recognize geopolitical boundaries. They do cool off in the shaded crevices, sleep in the safety of deep niches, and warm their cold bodies on the sunny side of cairns.
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