Pause, Play, Fast Forward
cut grass
1,600 square feet each
Created at Djerassi Resident Artist Program, Woodside, California.

Djerassi is a fault line where forces seem to converge in unlikely ways: the weave of regional histories, the technological innovation of Silicon Valley, the transport hubs and airlines that connect us to the world. I wanted to make a piece that addressed this sense of global and local scale, deep time, and cultural connections to the land. Three large drawings were cut from dry grassland to evoke different ideas of time. My drawings are intended to be seen by hikers on the grounds as well as passing air traffic. Common symbols for pause, play, and fast-forward were transcribed onto the hillsides and are inspired by buttons on media devices, as well as geometry found in the most ancient forms of human mark-making. Each image will slowly green over time as seasons pass from Fall, to Winter, to Spring and then disappear. These notions of time are encountered together along the trail loops at Djerassi as a walker measures their own experience of movement to that of media and the seasons.
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