HIVE: Hexagonal Interlocking Variable Environment
Google SketchUp
Like bees, we pollinate and harvest enough product to service the world. But apparently, the honey is not for everyone. We are short housing for over 630,000 Americans, and 100,000,000 people worldwide. What’s often left over from this activity and available to people throughout the world are packaging and shipping materials. HIVE is not a proposal for housing as much as it is an emergency plan for shelter that hypothetically anyone could build from scrap materials found in construction site dumpsters, alley ways, and warehouse garbage cans. It’s a survival kit, really, an urban lean-to to get you through a rainy, cold night until a better opportunity comes along. HIVE becomes stronger, and more stable as the number of units multiply and are piled on top of each other in a honeycomb matrix...ideally between freeway pylons, or existing buildings.
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