This simple cartoon sketch for a collage of vernacular portals that create paths for the spread of ecological language through cities and suburbs. Pixilar information is vandalized as cities are tagged with new languages in reverse colonization.

Most of these languages do not yet exist, but are diasporic permutations of constant change and hybridization of existing cultural templates, becoming more diverse than the existing pluralism of the world's most diverse cities, but also more deeply entwined with living structure. These vernaculars are neither old or new, they are not now, they are WOW. They are hybrids of philosophical world views, yet continuing strands of cultural DNA and the evolving ecological traditions of flora and fauna we have always lived with. Humans are nature and they speak new ancient earth languages of a higher resolution than anything we currently have, capable of adapting to climatic shifts, and systemic changes everywhere.

We have to get together. Really get together!
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