FolliesI'm Different Like YouUntitledUntitledHarvest WalkUntitledGaruda SleepsSeed For a Forest Without a HomeSeed For a Forest Without a HomeSecond GenerationReconstruction of a Cycladic Windmill. Alyki, Paros Reconstruction of a Cycladic Windmill: Alyki, Paros.Apollo's GateFaçade de I'industrieVessels of TradeReconstruction: Lime kiln--Marathi marble quarry, Paros island.A Memory of ChildhoodRemember the Future?Control TowerPont Julien CentringsTwenty Feet Under the SeaA History of Agriculture?CromlichTremie: What Might Have Been.Studies for SculptureStudies for SculptureTAG!!!!
After art becomes an archive of flattened sculpture and paper architecture, the generative process continues. In the role of an archaeologist, or architect, my drawings expound on previous sculptures, artifacts, and documented landscapes, redrafting linear concepts of time and progress. Ruination and decay are both timeless, and signs of late modernity. Ruins are a document of landscapes lost, nevertheless pointing to new futures which assume vectors more different and plural than any singular narrative might suggest.