CrosshatchPezoulesJumbleFlood RingAspen RingsOxbowMeanderDisplacement 1Displacement 2Roundness of BeingCrossing PathsWara, Yama, GawaA History of Agriculture?Façade de I'industrie
RiftWhich Way?The Blue Berry FieldThe Hemlock GroveThe Ascension of Kaguya-himeAscension of Kaguya-hima(Spring, Summer, Fall Pagoda)Hazard CairnEmpty VesselsPause, Play, Fast Forward
My site-specific art responds to place, inhabited, negotiated and navigated through gestures of walking and way-marking. Paths, cairns, gateways, earthworks, and ruins tenuously balanced, evoke forces of nature at work on the land. Pieces are entries and exits, beginnings and ends, openings and closures to walks taken. These thresholds are punctuations and transitions, but often there is no distinction between 'inside,' and 'outside.'

The vernacular of local building culture and materials available, are translated into new ancient languages, as an expression of an ever-changing landscape. The geometries I am drawn to are primal, and reference the mapping of the earth by human cultures since prehistory.