Convenience 1Convenience 2Big Meadow Creek WalkTwelve Sentinels LoopHarvest WalkKamiyama Art WalkCalanques Trek Big River Bend WalkPlatia Ammos WalkFarangas to TripitiDetis WalkDéjà vuLiving in the PresentTime CollapseCairn of Imperceptible SingularityNumbered Template for One Side of a Decagonal Cone Made of Dismantled Shipping Pallets with 112 Rungs.Milan Malpensa to Eleftherios Venezelos CairnGlyph IndexJumble AlphabetMigration AlphabetContemplation WalkTAG!!! Abacus of Urban TimeMelt.Splice Walk
Maps of walks (physical or otherwise) including environmental sculpture and installations.

Some walks are walks through existing places, others are paths for the spread of ecological language through cities and suburbs, and possibly agricultural complexes. Pixilar information is vandalized as cities are tagged with new languages in reverse colonization.

As with much of my work, these are mutable templates, sketches and collages of places that do, and do not yet exist. They are part of a diasporic permutation of constant change and hybridization of existing cultural templates, possibly becoming more diverse than our current dwindling diversity, but potentially more deeply entwined with living structure. They are hybrids of cultural and philosophical world views, yet continuing evolving ecological traditions of flora and fauna we have always lived with. Humans are nature and they speak new ancient earth languages of a higher resolution than anything we currently have, capable of adapting to climatic shifts, and systemic change everywhere.